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˶ٱһε, ·, ϱ. ʼһ(1st Avenue), 2nd Ave, 3rd Ave, Lexington Ave, Park Ave, Madison Ave, 5th Ave, ..10th Ave, West End(·), Riverside Driveڵ. ע: Avenue of the Americas, ڰ, , ʮ빫԰(Central Park)ֱΪCentral Park West, Columbus Ave, Amsterdam Ave. İϻ(Broadway)SδӵϷչ.

³˽, ֮ϵĶֵĿ, 1st(1st Street) ı215th. ֺŴмĵֶ(Ϊ), (Ϊ˫), 13 East 20thֻ14 West 20th, ߾ԽԶ, Խ, Լһ, һٸֺ.

ֱĴHouston St, 14th 23rd 32nd Ҫ·. ŵַ, : 111 East 45th /ߴ, ȿֺ, , , Լλ.


³(Lower Manhattan) ? ˶ٵ϶, Canal Street.

˽(China Town) ? Bowery St, Bayard St, ϻ, Broome StΪ. Mott Street.

պSoho(South of Houston St) ? λHouston St(), , ϻand Canal St.

(East Village) ? Lexington Ave, East River, Houston St, 14th

(West Village/Greenwich Village) ? ıΪHudson River, ϻ, W. Houston St, 14th ,

жϣ(Chelsea) ? , Hudson River, ϻ, 14th, 34th,еĵط.

г(Midtown /Theater District) ? ֽΪEast River, ھŴ, 34th, 59th.

϶(Upper East Side) ? East River, Ϊ, 59th, Ϊ104th.

(Upper West Side) ? Hudson RiverCentral Park West, 59th, 110th.

빫԰(Central Park) ?, Central Park West, 59thּ110th֮ĵط.

ѷӹ԰(Hudson River Park) ? ̨԰(Battery Park)59th.

(Harlem) ? ·ֱHudson River, Harlem Rivers, 110thֺ155th.

³(Brooklyn) ? Ķ, еBMW.


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