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半日纽约电影基地之旅/New York TV and Movie Sites Tour

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我们将带您游览您最喜爱和最热门的电影和电视节目的拍摄地,The Devil Wears Prada(穿Prada的恶魔),Gossip Girl(绯闻女孩),I am Legend(我是传奇),Ugly Betty(丑女贝蒂)等,让您一饱眼福!

Lights, Camera, Action! Take a bus tour to the sites of your favorite movies and TV shows.
Straddle fiction and reality as you visit famous sites from both the big and small screen.
• Visit the apartment building from Friends
• Stop at the brownstone used in I Am Legend
• Visit the Original Soup Man featured on Seinfeld
• Catch a glimpse of Peter Parker's apartment from Spider-Man
• See the exterior of the offices of Mode Magazine from Ugly Betty
• See the deli where Meg Ryan "enjoyed" her pastrami sandwich in When Harry met Sally
• Pass the hotel that doubled for a Paris hotel in The Devil Wears Prada
The tour is led by a local actor, so come ready to sing your favorite TV show theme songs!



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