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半日美国热门美剧"欲望都市"经典场景之旅/Sex and the City Hotspots Tour

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我们将带您跟随热门美剧Sex and the City(欲望都市)主人翁的脚步,游览剧中的经典场景。
英文团(全英文导游,参加此团的主要以国际留学生为主,对于讲华语的留学生,交换学者、英文爱好者以及渴望了解美国人真正生活、语言、历史和文化的游客也特别适合!) 隐藏

Follow in the footsteps of Carrie & Co. as they conquer New York City!
• Drink a cosmo at "Scout," the bar owned by Aidan and Steve
• Pass by the shops and boutiques in the Meatpacking district, made famous by Sex and the City
• Visit the church where Samantha meets "The Friar"
• See the furniture store where Aidan designs his pieces
• Enjoy cupcakes like Carrie and Miranda
• Shop at the store where Charlotte bought her "Rabbit"
• Stop at Buddakan, where Carrie and Big's wedding rehearsal dinner took place
The tour is led by a local actress.



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