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一日长岛(Long Island),萨格港(Sag Harbor),购物中心(Tanger Outlets)购物之旅 (英文团)

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英文团(全英文团,参加此团的主要以国际留学生为主,对于讲华语的留学生,交换学者、英文爱好者以及渴望了解美国人真正生活、语言、历史和文化的游客也特别适合!) (该行程还可为您提供意大利语、西班牙语、法语以及德语讲解。)

We depart New York East through the borough of Queens leaving the hustle and bustle of the big city behind. We begin to appreciate why the rich and famous chose to make Long Island their own personal playground when the scenery transforms from tall buildings to magnificent landscaping and gorgeous flowers in the springtime.
We stop at Riverhead for a warm and typical country breakfast, and then continue East we pass the Long Island Duck before arriving to the famous Southhampton where residents such as Jerry Seinfeld, Paris Hilton, David Letterman, Steven Spielberg and others have made it their home. This is definitely the place to see and be seen.
We start our tour strolling down the picturesque main street, before heading down through the historical area the harbor and along ocean drive, passing some of the homes of the rich and famous along the way. After we have had our fill of the rich and famous, we continue to Sag Harbor a picturesque and quaint town that invites its visitors to enjoy it’s unique atmosphere. Take your time to tour the harbor and see the yachts that are the toys of the rich, then stop at the antique stores or the old world shops for some real bargains.
After lunch we head West towards the Tanger Outlets where we pick up our mall goodies and then explore the stores--find your own bargain with brand name stores for less. In the late afternoon we will depart west for an evening arrival in New York.



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